The Countdown Begins…


129 more days to go!

….Oh my lanta, 129 more days to go.

“You don’t seem stressed,” says my friends. Well gee, that’s reassuring. Because deep down inside I am a hot mess. There’s still so much to do! Why does wedding planning have to entail so much??

Luckily, I have a fiancee that really tries to help me not be stressed. He is more laid back, knows everything will work out, and truly does not lose sleep over it. Although I bug him constantly to do this, this, and that.

May is just a crazy month in general, I wish I could take the month off and not plan. What with graduation and finally getting that Master’s degree (!!), moving to Norfolk permanently, my bachelorette, and my fifth half marathon-where’s the time to plan? I have a list of people I need to call, get my bridesmaids to get their dresses, figure out those little details….as you can see, I have a lot on my plate.

Yet despite all this craziness, I find myself looking forward to the little things-having fun with friends, celebrating that I’m moving, getting that degree, and most of all, I’m getting closer to marrying my best friend.

That’s all that matters. Those pesky details and lists that I’m always making, in the long run they really don’t matter. I feel like the concept of having a reception is to impress others with how much money you can dish out on others, and that’s not true. Sure, I want it to be pretty and fun with good food and dancing, but that’s not why we’re having a reception. It’s because Will and I want those that we love near us to celebrate our sacrament of marriage, and we start off our married life with family, friends, and all around goodness.

So, I think of it like this-it’s not a countdown of 129 days to try and fulfill all that I need to do, it’s a countdown until I get to walk down that aisle at our parish and say “I do,” to the man who has helped me grow as a human being and makes me want to be the best person possible. To the man that is so goofy, a hard worker, and friendly to all. To the man that I love with my whole heart and will be the father of our children.

I can’t wait.



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