Registry is Fun!

Best part of wedding planning? The registry, bar none.

“Um, yes, I want one of these, maybe this would look nice in the living room, how about this for the kitchen it’s so much nicer than what we have…”

I ended up spending three hours setting up our registry. And I totally recommend Zola!!


First off, I did try Bed, Bath and Beyond but I didn’t actually like what they had. I think Pottery Barn is just overpriced and super expensive. But luckily my Pinterest board advertised Zola as a unique registry experience, so I figured why not look it up.

What’s so cool about it is that it is very easy to navigate and use. Their products are from all over, and they have items I couldn’t find at Target or Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Looking at the product, there’s a quote as to why it’s liked and what features it has. I also find the prices pretty reasonable.

Zola does a lot of wedding planning for you as well. ALL FREE. I already made a website with The Knot but you can do one on Zola too and just integrate your registry.

And the site is prettyyyyyyy.

I always check the website every now and then to see if there’s anything else I need to add. I just click “add to registry.” What a very dangerous link.


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