It’s finally happened-I’ve joined the club.

Indeed, I was one of those girls that grew up romanticizing my adulthood, complete with a diamond ring and a handsome fiancee. I had my second made Pinterest board dedicated to my future wedding (later I deleted it, then I brought it back). For fun, I’d look at wedding dresses online. I never went so far as to buy a wedding magazine, but I’d glance at them every now and then.

Then, in May of 2015, I met Will. It happened like it was supposed to-by surprise. Other boyfriends were probably weirded out by how forceful I was to do and try everything-meet parents, go on vacation, discuss our future after one month of dating, etc. I pushed too hard for a relationship, and I ended up feeling like I did all the work. But just when I had decided to let things be, my closet friend and co-worker invited me out for drinks with her kickball team out in Norfolk. And to my surprise, I said yes.

Sitting between my friend and Will, I felt it only natural to talk to him. And once we started chatting, we ended up talking the whole night. We played two games of pool, we went to the Wine Festival the next day and held hands. It just all felt exciting and natural. Nothing forced.

Flashforward, we’re in Italy. On New Year’s day, we went to this old abbey up in the mountains called Monte Cassino. It’s a beautiful church with mountain views, a vineyard down below, and historical art work. I knew Will was going to propose on this trip (remember, my type-A personality has me prepped for almost anything). After asking for both my parent’s blessing, Will pulled me to a balcony and got down on one knee.

Now, we’re in the planning mode. First things first-telling family and close friends. Being in Italy and not able to do a whole lot of international calling, we did have to message people. Otherwise, we told them once we were back in the States. NO SOCIAL MEDIA. That could wait, we wanted to keep this a bit of a secret for as long as we could.

Being a planner, I had my bridesmaids in mind. I went straight to work in making their Bridesmaid baskets, filled with a candle, nail polish, wine, and a wine glass. I bought a couple magazines (I did feel some joy and pride being able to buy them with a ring on my finger) and devoured them. I had a wedding planning binder that I bought with an Amazon gift card.

So you could say I’m working at full blast. Yes, there’s a lot to do, but I need to slow it down. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Will and I are taking this planning thing slow, because I know I can rush into it and end up stressed and anxious and why-can’t-things-go-my-way. The thing about being engaged, and getting married, is that you try and do all this planning, but there are just some things that you got to let go.

I’ve decided to not plan this wedding on my own. God will be with us on this journey and I fully intend Him to be involved at all times. I remember seeing this image in RCIA and I never forgot it, because it nicely sums up exactly what’s going on.


So when I get stressed and I feel overwhelmed-this will be my gentle reminder.


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